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Dr.dr. Anak Ayu Sri Wahyuni, SpKJ | BATIK 5 | bali psikiatri terkini

Committee Chairman's Speech

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
It is a pleasure to welcome you to Bali.

Bali Psikiatri Terkini (BATIK) as an annual agenda from the Department of Psychiatry, Prof. Dr. I.G.N.G Ngoerah Hospital – Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University, Bali, always carries a theme and presents material that is comprehensive but still thematic every year.

This year, Bali Psikiatri Terkini 5 event will be held in conjunction with The 3rd Conference on Cultural and Spiritual Psychiatry (ICOSPI), with the theme "Integrating Mental Health for a Holistic Wellness" which will present expert speakers to add scientific weight.

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About Batik Event

Mental health and well-being are fundamental to our collective and individual ability as humans to think, emote, interact with each other, earn a living life. They directly underpin the core human and social values of independence of thought and action, happiness, friendship and solidarity. On this basis, the promotion, protection and restoration of mental health can be regarded as a vital concern of individuals, communities and societies throughout the world.

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Event Documentation BATIK & ICOSPI 2023

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